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Deep purple beetroot soup

For months I’ve been meaning to write up my recipe for beetroot soup. Actually, it’s been so long now that I’ve committed it to memory and there really is no need for me to record it online. Of course, in the event that I get hit on the head and forget how to make this delicious, […]

Cooking for one

Being home alone can mean that I swing one of two ways for dinner: I’ll either succumb to the lure of a Dominos pineapple pizza and the oh-so-wrong-oh-so-right garlicky dip that accompanies it, or I’ll take it as an opportunity to practice a new dish. As I plan to run round Battersea park for charity […]

Food in design

Stuff that makes you go nom doesn’t always have to be on fork or in a martini glass.  In fact, the aptly named Studio Nommo – a Turkish interior design company – produces this delectable wallpaper which allows you to cover your kitchen with so many packets of Ritz biscuits and bottles of wine  (not […]


I decided to pay my hobbies a little more attention this month and found myself signing up for a class at one of London’s top cookery schools, Leiths School of Food and Wine, in an attempt to learn new skills and up my success rate in the kitchen.  Leiths boasts “ an international reputation as […]

Edible Lego

Lego’s slogan: Add fun to the learning experience! Economy Candy NYC’s slogan: Add Lego to the eating experience! So, Munchmun.cher Ben lives in the USA and has access to as much Hershey’s (slightly odd tasting) candy as his heart desires.  David and I, however, have to rely on infrequent holidays in order to get a […]

Sunday bake

I promise this is my last baking post for a while. My colleagues and housemates are getting fat from the proceeds of this blog and someone has to think of the burden on the NHS.  The cake on the left is Nigella Lawson’s chocolate and hazelnut goo fest.  The recipe can be found on her website […]

Experiments in chocolate

It’s a well-known fact of baking that things can sometimes go extremely wrong.  Case in point would be my lovely recipe for chocolate fondant that is usually about as reliable as you can get for this notoriously temperamental pudding.  I’ve made it a few times before and it’s been known to bring grown men to […]

Comforting fish pie

I love winter in London.  There’s nothing like heading home bearing shopping bags laden with market-sourced comfort food and battening down the hatches against the freezing drizzle that’s the hallmark of a grey weekend in this city.  One of my favourite dishes takes advantage of the treats available at Borough Market and our local stalls […]

Christmas in Hackney

While David and Ben have been living it up in America, I’ve been slaving away in chilly London preparing for a traditional home-made Christmas. We’ve got gingerbread tree decorations and hand painted wrapping paper but my success for the festive season has to be the Christmas cake to end all Christmas cakes! Now, I’ve never […]

Profiteroles with chocolate sauce

So I finally got round to making the profiteroles filled with patisserie cream as promised. It was a mistake to start baking these late on a Monday evening when my housemates had just returned from a festival and were too hung-over/exhausted to enjoy them. It is not possible for one person to eat 40 profiteroles, […]