Food is Not Fuel

It’s been a little while. Sorry about that.

I’ve been thinking about t-shirts lately, sloganeering and silly designs involving stick men. I’ve also been trying to eat less, in an effort to lose the weight I gained after moving to the US. Since I reject the concept of out-right dieting, I’ve instead been trying prioritise what I consume. That leads to what I sometimes call the ‘no crap latte’ diet — San Francisco being full of amazing independent coffee shops who roast their own beans and produce a magnificent tasting latte, it’s really just raw consumption to drink anything else. And why fill up on milk if you’re not going love it?

And from that, we come to the headline. Food is not fuel. Not to be misconstrued as an anti-biofuels slogan, this is about valuing everything you eat. Savouring the taste of every mouthful. If you’re just filling up, what’s the point? Food is not about nutrition, or fat, or calories or traffic light diets. Food is about pleasure.

That’s why this blog exists. David and I have both intended to resuming writing Munch Munch regularly since, well, since we stopped writing first time around. Personally, I’m finally in a state of mind to give it another go.

To tide you over pending the my second-first-post-proper, here are some strawberries:

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