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Sausage & Bread Stuffing with Persimmons

Thanksgiving has just been and gone here in the US, and I had to learn to make a new signature dish.

Roasted vegetable lasagne

Is there anything better than roasted aubergine in a nice tomato sauce? I love a good beefy lasagne as much as the next red-blooded individual, but I think that my preference may finally have swung the way of the vegetable when it comes to this dish.

National Geographic on food variety

Having just harvested this year’s crop of potatoes and eagerly awaiting our slow-growing beetroot and ripening tomatoes, I was particularly interested in this graph published by National Geographic.  It shows how, in America, people have come to depend on a handful of commercial varieties of fruits and vegetables and thousands of heirloom varieties have disappeared (approximately 93 percent […]

A foodie’s library

#1 Fire & Knives We’ve often mentioned cookbooks and blogs that we love on but here’s a delicious little magazine that deserves your utmost attention: Fire & Knives Food Quarterly.  It’s a beautiful publication I’ve only just recently discovered and I’m pretty excited about it.  This ‘new writing for food lovers’ is totally different […]

Growing your own bread starter

When Ben visited us this christmas gave me a copy of the beautiful Tartine bread book. Since then i’ve been learning to grow my own yeast and making experimental sour dough with varying results. I’ve been growing my starter, dubbed Eric/B, for almost a month without killing him and produced 4 good loaves using the […]

Cooking for one

Being home alone can mean that I swing one of two ways for dinner: I’ll either succumb to the lure of a Dominos pineapple pizza and the oh-so-wrong-oh-so-right garlicky dip that accompanies it, or I’ll take it as an opportunity to practice a new dish. As I plan to run round Battersea park for charity […]

Food in design

Stuff that makes you go nom doesn’t always have to be on fork or in a martini glass.  In fact, the aptly named Studio Nommo – a Turkish interior design company – produces this delectable wallpaper which allows you to cover your kitchen with so many packets of Ritz biscuits and bottles of wine  (not […]


I decided to pay my hobbies a little more attention this month and found myself signing up for a class at one of London’s top cookery schools, Leiths School of Food and Wine, in an attempt to learn new skills and up my success rate in the kitchen.  Leiths boasts “ an international reputation as […]

Edible Lego

Lego’s slogan: Add fun to the learning experience! Economy Candy NYC’s slogan: Add Lego to the eating experience! So, Munchmun.cher Ben lives in the USA and has access to as much Hershey’s (slightly odd tasting) candy as his heart desires.  David and I, however, have to rely on infrequent holidays in order to get a […]

Beautiful food photography from Evan Sung

Evan Sung takes outstanding photographs of food. (via. Notcot)