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Sausage & Bread Stuffing with Persimmons

Thanksgiving has just been and gone here in the US, and I had to learn to make a new signature dish.

Stew № 1

As a bit of an experiment in publishing, I went and wrote up a recipe for Stew with stout and chocolate on Medium. Number 1, then, is a dark brown, beef stew. It’s made in my favourite way for stew—with beer—and though a little bitter, was very flavoursome and enjoyable. Read it over in the […]

Spinach with pine nuts

I made salmon for dinner tonight, and had spinach and pine nuts to to cook up on the side. In the end the side turned out really nicely, so here’s the recipe.

Savoury French Toast

Adapting Tartine’s French Toast recipe with a savoury twist.

Roast Potatoes and Red Wine Vinegar

The “Roast Potato” blog’s recipe for roast potatoes includes a splash of red wine vinegar, and it’s brilliant.

Cooking with Reddit

A quick link to Reddit’s epic recipe sharing thread of 2010.

Breakfast Tomato Sauce

A quick recipe for a sweet, spicy, chunky tomato sauce to accompany breakfast.

Mozzarella Chili Mash

Ben’s two-layer mash recipe, separated with mozzarella and chili.

Dying Baking (Eric RIP)

A followup on baking the first loaf with Eric the natural starter, where not all went to plan. Supplemented by a successful recipe for Beer Bread, made with a local IPA.

Living Baking

I attend a lab all about cultivating your own bread yeast, by creating and regularly feeding a natural, flavour-filled bread starter. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it turns out there’s quite a bit to it.