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Reddit’s 2010 comment of the year vote came around, and one popular thread was this: I have $13 until my next pay check. In response, user Electric Sandwich proceeds to stream a whole set of cheap, delicious sounding Puerto Rican recipes for rice, pork shoulder and twice-friend plaintains in inimitable style:

Buy yourself a nice meaty pork shoulder. 5 lbs should do nicely.
Bring that fucker home and get out a long, thin knife.
In a pilon (that’s a mortar and pestle gringo) smash up a few cloves of Garlic, some sazon, some, salt, some pepper, and some oil.
Grind it up GOOD. Now you have another ghetto sofrito.
Take your knife and stab some holes in the pig. Twist the knife around so the holes get nice and wide.
Now, take some of your sofrito and stuff it into the holes. Don’t be shy blanco, ram it in there. Use the remainder to roughly coat the outside of the pig. RUB IT. CARESS IT. This pig died so that you may eat. Salt that shit all over the outside and crack some fucking pepper on there.

Further down, user TVArmy has a recipe for pan-friend pizza:

Get out a cast iron or nonstick skillet. A conventional skillet will do in a pinch. Put down a film of olive oil (or veggie oil if you don’t have olive oil), and heat it up until it shimmers. Put the dough in, and cook it until it gets brown on the bottom. About 3 minutes, but lift up the corner to check earlier. Push down any big bubbles. Flip it, and wait about 3 minutes again.

Also in the thread are links to more recipes on The Awl, and Mojo de Ajo.

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