Roast Potatoes and Red Wine Vinegar

This evening I continued a new trend for hosting a small number of my friends for a medium-sized dinner party. Is ‘twice’ a trend? Perhaps. Last week was curry (that is, Indian food via Britain) and this week was a roast chicken dinner. There’s quite a lot to write about both, and the absence of a write up of the former means I’m going to post a very short thing about the latter, with more pending.

The roast potatoes accompanying the meal were derived from this recipe by Gary at Roast Potato. Everything about that preparation worked pretty well for me (and I should emphasize his point about cooking the potatoes beyond parboiled so that they flake at the edges.) Particularly effective though was one final touch: Near the end of cooking, once potatoes have started to crisp, add a dash of red wine vinegar. Tasted brilliant.


  1. Posted January 31, 2011 at 12:55 pm | Permalink

    Letting the potatoes sit in a hot pan with the lid off until almost cold before they hit the fat always works for me. Gives them a chance to dry out a bit.

    Also – try boiling the potatoes in a stock stock instead of water.

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    Thanks Ben! That recipe’s taken a lot of time to perfect, though I have to give the nod for the vinegar tip to Jamie Oliver. So tasty!

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