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Complete start to finish recipes for meals.

Stew № 1

As a bit of an experiment in publishing, I went and wrote up a recipe for Stew with stout and chocolate on Medium. Number 1, then, is a dark brown, beef stew. It’s made in my favourite way for stew—with beer—and though a little bitter, was very flavoursome and enjoyable. Read it over in the […]

Spinach with pine nuts

I made salmon for dinner tonight, and had spinach and pine nuts to to cook up on the side. In the end the side turned out really nicely, so here’s the recipe.

Brownie Truffle topped with homemade Salted Caramel

“Mmmm”. “Oh God”.  “I will die”.  “Die-abetes, you mean”.  Just a few of the choice phrases uttered through mouthfuls of chocolate by friends and colleagues on trying these morsels. This take on a brownie is so rich that a slab baked on a Monday should last until Sunday, disappearing one sticky slither at a time […]

Triple Raspberry Pavlova

Triple Raspberry Pavlova I really need to persuade Ben and David to write more frequently about BBQ beef ribs, the perfect mole sauce and other delicious umami things like that.  Any reader would think we’re trying to give them diabetes.  Oh well, here is a pavlova recipe I’ve been working on over the last […]

Summer Seafood Stew

Summer Seafood Stew Here is a great recipe for a light but flavourful summer stew.  It’s based on a classic Spanish recipe called suquet de peix but with a few substitutions to account for our love of mussels, hatred of celery and what was available on the booze shelf.  There’s a fair amount of preparation […]

Beurre blanc

I’m really keen to try and increase my knowledge of classic French gastronomy, starting with amazing sauces. Last night I pan-fried some trout fillets and served them with beurre blanc, based on a recipe by Valentine Warner. I don’t recall ever having beurre blanc before now, but it was rich and glossy, sweet and tangy, […]

A quick sardine pasta supper

Sometimes you don’t have the time, effort or ingredients to cook something complicated. Getting back from work late to bare cupboards, with no inclination to make the damp and windy walk to a shop. On those days there are a few basic recipes I try and fallback on – rather than immediately order take-away. It’s […]

Gravlax with Dill & Gin

Gravlax is made with a dry cure: a mixture of salt, sugar and herbs which both preserve and flavour the fish.  Here’s a really easy, really quick little recipe that, if prepared in advance, will provide the basis of a luxurious minimum input/maximum yield mid-week dinner. Ingredients A side of salmon, halved, or 2 large […]

Straight from the sauce

My recent ‘Retro Puddings Workshop’ at Leiths School of Food and Wine was by no means ground-breaking in content. I can already whip up fairly respectable meringues, lemon curd and profiteroles and my pastry is improving with practice. Being back at cookery school was simply an excuse to mess around for five solid hours in […]

Savoury French Toast

Adapting Tartine’s French Toast recipe with a savoury twist.