Savoury French Toast

Following my recent run of making sweet, Tartine-style French toast, a friend suggested adapting the recipe for a more savoury flavour. Rather than the usual sugar and vanilla based egg custard, we used a base of salt, pepper, fried garlic and oregano, and excellent, seed-filled slices of multigrain bread.

Sasha has written up our recipe on her blog, and provided a good step by step, pictured guide through the Tartine French toast method:

It did (of course) start with chopped garlic. Caramelized in butter and mixed into the egg/milk mixture my British friend insists on calling “custard.” A dash of salt, pepper, and oregano, and we’re pretty much set. (Although when I make savory french toast at home, I tend to use za’atar in the mix instead.)

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