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Beautiful food photography from Evan Sung

Evan Sung takes outstanding photographs of food. (via. Notcot)

Elsewhere: Ben Darlow cooks steak

Friend of ours Ben Darlow has blogged about how he learned to cook steak

Thick tomato peperoncini sauce

A passion for heirloom—heritage—tomatoes leads to the accidental creation of a magnificent tomato sauce for pasta.

A simple smoked salmon dinner

Little recipes like this are one of the reasons I love food so dearly; it’s not a simple dish like beans-on-toast or a cheese toastie is simple; it’s simple because it keeps close to its component parts, is quick to prepare and yet still serves up great variations of complementing flavour.

Thorough Bread Bakery, San Francisco

Ben extolls the wonders of the humble sandwich made well, and reviews his local bakery; Thorough Bread and Pastry.

Rum & Muscovado barbecued Bananas

One of Ben’s favourite childhood desert turns out to be just as good as an adult: Bananas barbecued with muscovado sugar and dark rum.

Fruit Rice

How to make a flavourful, slightly sweet rice accompaniment

Food is Not Fuel

The return of Munch Munch. A little inspiration.

How to peel garlic in a hurry

Here, John Oxton gives an effective demo on how not to take any nonsense from garlic. (Video)

The Boiling Pot, Austin TX

Austin, supported by an annual influx of geeks every year, supports an intimidating quantity of eateries. Joyously, many of them are very, very good indeed. One of the more unique experiences is The Boiling Pot, a seafood restaurant of simple premise: Make selections based on the number in your party and the quantity of seafood […]