Edible Lego

Lego’s slogan: Add fun to the learning experience! Economy Candy NYC’s slogan: Add Lego to the eating experience!

So, Munchmun.cher Ben lives in the USA and has access to as much Hershey’s (slightly odd tasting) candy as his heart desires.  David and I, however, have to rely on infrequent holidays in order to get a hit of the massive array of unusual American confectionery.  In New York recently, we came across Economy Candy.  Based in the Lower East Side, Manhattan, family-owned store Economy Candy has been around since the 1930s.  Dangerous-if-consumed-by-children Lego has been around since the 1940s and, in foodie logic, it makes perfect sense that these two great historical names should combine and create one of the most educational sweets of our time: Candy Lego.  We’d recommend getting some of these fizzy, tangy, Love-heart-esque blocks via mail order and creating your own edible scenarios.  David’s colleagues at Last.fm built this cute jungle pastiche for your enjoyment…

Edible lego candy Giraffe

Economy Candy are also purveyors of the first jelly beans in outer space, Jelly Belly.  We managed to get hold of almost half a kilo of these precious beans for £4.50 (awesome considering a kilo bag is twenty quid on the Jelly Belly UK website).

Jelly belly machine

Sweet things aren’t hard to come by in New York: we sampled world-renowned Magnolia Bakery cupcakes and marvelled at the over-sized treats in FAO Swartz’s sweets shop.  Let us tell you, you’ve not lived until you’ve experienced shopping for Harry Potter merch alongside eight-year-olds who’ve been chomping on 6inch gummi bears and sucking gobstoppers the size of a grapefruit.  Scary stuff!

Worlds biggest gummi bear

Giant gobstopper

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    Hurrah, my giraffe is internet famous!

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